Custom Cabinet Installation in Southeast Michigan

Looking for a fresh look and custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom? Then you are in luck because we have some of the best cabinet installation contractors available! We can install just about any type of cabinet that you are looking. We have helped many other homeowners develop the modern look, country feel, or fresh taste that they were looking for and can do the same for you.

Some of our cabinet services include:

  • kitchen cabinets
  • bathroom cabinets
  • pantry cabinets
  • cabinet doors
  • cabinet refinishing
  • new cabinet installation
  • quality cabinets

Our kitchen cabinets and pantry cabinets will be the perfect match for your current kitchen space or be a part of our complete renovation project. Your cabinetry is the primary thing that guests and family see when walking into your kitchen or bathroom. This is why it is important to choose a contractor that only carries quality cabinets. A contractor like… Designs in Glass 🙂

Our bathroom cabinets and drawers will be perfectly designed to meet the needs of your bathroom space. We can discuss your most frequently used items and areas and design a cabinet space that will meet those uses like no other!

Some of our previous work

Top Notch Cabinetry. Made Custom For You!

Not many things will make your new bathroom or kitchen complete like quality custom cabinets. When we perform your free quote and discuss your project, we will help you understand the benefits of the types of cabinets you are considering as well as how we would design them custom for your situation before installation.

If you are wondering why we say “make your kitchen/bathroom look like a Pinterest picture” so often, It is because… Have you ever seen a Pinterest picture of a kitchen or bathroom? They are some of the most beautifully designed rooms you have ever seen. The same will be true for your living space after we complete your custom cabinet installation!