Granite Countertop Installation in Southeast Michigan

Looking for a newly designs, custom countertop for your kitchen or bathroom? Then you are in luck because we have some of the best counter installation contractors available! We can install just about any type of countertop that you are looking for, though our most requested counters are granite countertops and quartz countertops.

There is no space in your home that we cannot custom design a countertop for. Whether it is a bathroom or kitchen counter, a kitchen island, cocktail bar, or seating nook, we are certain that we can handle your project and leave you 100% satisfied every step of the way.

What is the difference between granite and quartz countertops?

That is a great question and common among our customers and can be quite confusing due to their similarities in look. In short, granite countertops are cut from a solid piece of stone. And quartz countertops are manufactured from crushed quartz and bound together with a resin.

Both options have their side of the debate and will last you well over 25-30 years which makes them both a winner in our opinion. Granite seems to be more prone to chipping or cracking and required sealing and resealing periodically throughout the life of the countertop. Quartz is not free from chipping or cracking, but does not need to be sealed like granite.

Some of our previous work

Granite Countertops. Custom For You!

Not many things will make your new bathroom or kitchen “pop” like fresh custom countertops. When we discuss your project with you and take a look at your room(s), we will help you understand the benefits of the types of countertops you are considering as well as how we would design them custom for your situation before installation.

We can also help you pick out the perfect hardware, sinks, and faucets should your project require these items. After we are completed with your project, we are certain that you will want to take many pictures and share them on Pinterest. And we would also understand why!